North Ridge Housing Cooperative is located in the Royal Oak area of Victoria, BC. 

Many amenities are within walking distance including a Royal Oak plaza, a grocery store, bank services, a local pub and a Red Barn Market.  The bus service is excellent and the Cooperative is 20 minutes away from the ferry or airport and about 15 minutes from downtown Victoria.  The Commonwealth Pool and local library are within walking distance or can be reached by bus.

We consist of a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses plus one adapted unit.  All units have a fridge, stove, 1 ½ baths, washer and dryer hook-ups, parking, decks on the 3 bedroom units ~ patios for the 2 bedroom units.  Common amenities include a children’s playground, lawn care equipment and in general, a safe well cared for community.

Our young people are bused to Lochside Elementary, our “tweens” are able to walk to Royal Oak Middle School and the teens are bused to the highly rated Claremont Secondary School.


Co-op housing is member controlled housing. Members who live in the co-op are accountable for managing the co-op. It also means the members are responsible for making the co-op a pleasant and safe environment for themselves and their families. 

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Non-profit housing co-ops are mixed communities. Members of housing co-ops come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of incomes. Some members pay a full housing charge. This is often called a "market" housing charge. Other members with lower incomes pay less. This is called a subsidized housing charge. Some units in most every non-profit co-op are subsidized.

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Before you apply to become a member of Northridge housing co-op, you should consider these requirements. Are you prepared to volunteer time and energy into maintaining the co-op and the co-op principles. You and your family should be willing volunteer up to 5hrs/month to the co-op for various events and duties required. Other things requirements are:

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